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Farewell Party – EDHEC

9 August 2019 Best of, Non classé

These are some photos from the Farewell Party that took place few weeks ago in the famous business school on the Promenade des Anglais here in Nice. What's great about corporate events is that there are so many possibilities and…

Cannes Lions 2019

22 July 2019 Best of

For the 4th year in a row I've had the pleasure to work for KARGO in the beautiful Hotel Belles Rives during the Cannes Lions event. I am so grateful for this opportunity, this is to me the best proof…

Kia – French Riviera

6 June 2019 Best of

Last month I've followed the KIA President's club team in Marseille, walking the city, in Mougins with some golf players, in Grasse with a few ladies for a very interesting visit of Fragonard and finally in Cannes for a helicopter…

Marina Canossa

Passionate about photography for years, I decided to pursue this passion as a profession when I got the chance in 2011 to start working in a photo studio in Buenos Aires. I got to cover at that time big (and crazy) weddings and corporate events!

Back in France, after working in Argentina for almost two years, I chose to work as a free lance photographer and settled in Nice in the beautiful French Riviera.

I now mainly work for corporate events; what I truly like! Please don't think it twice, if you want to promote your company properly you will need great photos to make a difference in this world where visual mediums are now so important.
You can contact me for all kind of different events, a conference, a product launch or private party; I will check my availability and send you a quote as soon as possible !

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